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How To Hang Christmas Lights From Your Eavestrough

It's nearly that time of year again!  The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and homeowners are beginning to think about how best to welcome in this Yule Time.  There's always been something about holiday lights in Ottawa that bring a certain festive cheer to any neighbourhood. With that being said, it's important to know the mechanics of Christmas light installation in order to decorate with care and safety.  Read on to learn how your home can easily become a beacon of beauty and good cheer!

Make sure you have the right gear
There are a few things you'll need to make Christmas light installation easier and safer this season. 

  • A strong ladder
  • Exterior grade extension cord
  • Timer for your lights
  • Christmas light clips
    • Some people opt to use office clips, which are cheaper but can work just as well
  • Bucket or pouch to hold materials
  • Christmas lights

Measure your gutters
The first thing you'll want to do before you even purchase your holiday lights is to measure the areas that you would like to decorate.  This will help you figure out how many lights you'll need to purchase, and how far apart you'll want to place your lights.  Measure the base of your home to do this, to avoid the hassle of moving a ladder all the way around your house. 

Why not take the hassle from Christmas light installation for your Ottawa home and have it done professionally!  Christmas Décor would be happy to install your holiday lights. Contact our office to book your installation appointment today. 

Choose the right lights for your home
Christmas lights come in all shapes and sizes.  You need to decide what style is best for you before beginning your Christmas light installation.  There are C9 bulbs, or "retro bulbs," which have slightly larger bulbs (3" high).  Or if you want smaller ones, C7 may be a better option, though they still measure 2.5" tall. 

Icicle lights are always a great option, too.  These strands hang from the gutters to give the appearance that glittering icicles are adorning your roof. 

Take a peep through our gallery to get inspiration for your holiday lights in Ottawa. 

Begin in the center
When you begin hanging your lights, begin in the center of the gutter.  From there, you can begin clipping one side all the way across, then move to the other.  Make sure that your plugs are lined up correctly.  You don't want two prongs next to one another.  Be sure that your receptacles and plugs line up to avoid redoing work. 

Look for outlets
Look for the outlet into which you'll plug your holiday lights.  Some older homes don't have exterior outlets.  Don't worry!  Grab your exterior rated extension cord and run it through to an interior outlet.  This may go through a window or under a garage door.  If you need to run the cord through the window, you can block the cold from getting through with tape and insulation. 

Get a timer
It's useful to get a timer for your holiday lights to avoid wasting energy.  Many homeowners run their lights from dusk until around eleven pm or midnight.  You can, of course, keep your lights on all night if you'd prefer to add these to your security and safety lighting system. 

Check your lights
Once the lights are installed, it's time to turn them on! Check for dead bulbs and crooked strands.  You can then make any adjustments to ensure your lights are perfect!

Beat the Christmas rush this year and book your consultation for Christmas light installation with Christmas Decor Ottawa now!

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